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About Us

Yann Art Gallery was founded by Yanni F. a native-born of Yixing, Ding Shu Town - the birthplace of the magical zisha. Growing up in a family of zisha artists and tea lovers, Yanni’s childhood was ever surrounded by the best teas using only the finest teaware, thus leaving a lasting impression on how she viewed the world of tea and art.

Headstrong and an independent spirit, Yanni was ultimately compelled to find her own calling outside the normal conventions her society had placed upon her. The world seemed too vast and exciting to be left unexplored, so at the age of 16, Yanni left her hometown to begin her journey of self-discovery.

Yanni’s adventures took her to many places in the world from Shanghai, Singapore, Indonesia, France, Holland, Portugal, yet ironically, the further she veered away from home, the closer she held on to her roots. Moments were spent reminiscing her hometown and recalling the beautiful art that ceaselessly surrounded her throughout her childhood - exquisite purple clay teapots made by dedicated craftsmen and passionate artists within her family’s circle. Yanni realized what she had left behind in Yixing was something the rest of the world had to see, and it was then that she found her calling…this is how Yann Zisha Gallery came to be.

Realized in 2020, but established since the 1980s, Yann Art Gallery represents a circle of award-winning artists, nationally-acclaimed masters, and up-and-coming craftsmen with a common goal in mind: to preserve the spirit of zisha craftsmanship by using only the finest zisha clay to create the most elegant pieces Yixing has to offer! Each creation is a symbol of our devotion to our craft and tradition, and it is our sincere hope that our collection inspires you to bring a piece of our culture to your part of the world. 🌎 

Contact us : info@yannartgallery.com