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Muye Jian Zhan Art

An Intangible Cultural Heritage of China
Embodying the enigma of black porcelain
Representing one of eight legendary Chinese porcelains
Cultivated since the Tang and Song Dynasties
Originated in Jian Yang, Fujian, China

Kiln-fired at high temperatures of over 1300 degrees and agitated by sporadic temperature changes and atmospheric shifts, the unvarnished plant-based glaze is naturally (and magically) transformed into a spectacle of colors and mesmerizing patterns! Since ancient times, Jian ware has been revered for its unworldly beauty, and long fabled to be a gift from the god of the kiln…

We only use local clay from Jian Yang, natural and plant ash, chemical free glaze.

We are here to guide you to find the best quality and unique Jian Zhan / Jian Ware.