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Why the readily available Di Cao Qing is actually a rare clay

There are a limited number of mining areas where the magical zisha ore can be found in Yixing,and the best is from the famous Huang Long Shan: No. 1 mine, No. 2 mine, No. 3 mine, No. 4 mine, No. 5 mine, Tai Xi open-pit mine, Tai Xi mine and Bao Shan mine. However, amongst these mines, it is the prolific No. 4 mine of the Huang Long Shan mountain—also known as the “Holy Land” of Zisha—that vastly holds the highest quality zisha ores. One of the most precious ores found in this particular mine is the enigmatic Di Cao Qing (“bottom layer”) clay, a rare clay famously known to be the late Grandmaster Gu Jing Zhou’s favorite clay (and for...

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Three Stages When Buying a Yixing Zisha Teapot

Purchasing an investment zisha teapot can be a truly rewarding experience. However, most avid collectors have had to pay their ‘tuition’ to gain the exclusive privilege to learn how to NOT collect zisha teapots. In fact, making these costly mistakes and paying for them both emotionally and financially has become such a timely tradition in the world of zisha that it has become more and more difficult for collectors to purchase from online vendors with confidence. As such, we’ve made it our goal at Yann Zisha Gallery to inspire confidence and trust by only offering pieces made with 100% authentic zisha, made by some of the most talented artists in the zisha industry.. We also hope that by providing you...

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